Saturday, 25 October 2008

I should Cocoa...

The iPhone app I'm working on has stalled a bit because modern object oriented languages like Java and Objective-C come with huge suites of libraries, objects and frameworks. This is both a strength and a weakness - it means you get a highly sophisticated, stable code base to build with. C really only came with basic maths, string and file handling. On the downside its a much steeper learning curve.

Those of you who learnt C as a first language will remember that "Kernighan & Ritchie" is a fairly slim tome. The equivalent volume for Cocoa programming is four times as thick.

The interface is done but I need to create some data structures to persist the content between invocations and start adding code to the buttons and switches. It's this latter part that's causing me the problem because the way button events trigger code isn't obvious and is a tricky thing to search for. More news when I've cracked it.

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